Employees are our greatest asset. We work towards offering a comprehensive and cost effective benefit package to the employees. We take pride in our ability to offer plans that allow our employees to have great place to work when electing these benefits .

  • Positive work atmosphere
  • Company benefits
  • Convenient work timing

Additional Features

  1. VCP provides an easy-to-run platform for the schools & organizations contests and events with their own domain names.
  2. Schools, organizations, or teachers can promote their events and courses.
  3. Content copyrights are restricted to the school or organization.
  4. Tournaments can be easily customized based on the requirement.
  5. Each student has his/her own whiteboard. Hence it is easier for them to refer back to the notes at any point of time as notes don't disappear here like any other application.
  6. No content will be published or used without permission.
  7. VCP uses a whiteboard which enables students and teachers to interact with each other at the same time.

NOTE: We at VCP do not provide any contents from our side. All the contents that are provided and modified from the schools/ organization side are only published and accessible on the website.