Q1) How does Online Student Subscription work?

  • Student visits webpage https://xxx.raiseexamscores.com
  • Links are there for the sets available, e.g., 2016-2021 Intermediate Division, Shorts
  • Student checks those he wants to subscribe to. There is a fee for each, possibly the same, possibly discount for multiples.
  • Student clicks on PAY
After that,
  • Student is redirected to a payment system, e.g paypal
  • If payment works, Virtusa registers this student into their system for the items he subscribed to. An email goes to a student with credentials. An email goes to xxx with info about this transaction.
  • Student logs into thexxx.raiseexamscores.com site using the credentials he received. At the site, the student solves short problems and programming problems. Both are scored. Both have solutions sets.
  • We also provide monthly or customized reports if needed based on the requirements.

Q2) How does Teacher or college online subscription function?
a) is this if the teacher decides to use raiseexamscores.com for other uses?

A)We use this domain only for the demo or for virtual subscription purposes. This will not be used by teachers. This is only for live sites without any human involvement. These subscriptions will be handled by VSS with a pricing tag or with a coupon code like an e-commerce application.
Eg: xxx.raiseexamscores.com
But if teacher wants to create his own site using our own LMS then we will create a domain like below
Eg: www.(teachers).com

b) it his own content or your existing content?
A)We only have a basic elementary level question set, except that we don't hold any content with us. We customize the content based on the requirements from teachers. In addition, we add or delete contents based on the teacher requirements. If any other teacher takes the course subscription then they should pay to VSS as well as the organization.

c) is this if the teacher wants to buy a subscription for all of his students rather than each student enrolls individually?
A)Yes teachers can use our customized admin to assign/unassigned the homework problem sets.

Q3)Course question bank - how is this accessed?
A)xxx question bank - Let us say VSS sells LMS to a ABC Academy school then we will also market your course products or a question bank and if they decide to use your question bank then your organization will also get compensated. This can be achieved either by doing our own sales or from your account. It does not matter.

Q4)The rate says: "Excluding Cloud fee/ Manpower/Support''. Whatever this refers to is part of the raiseexamscores.com 's cost of doing business in order to earn their share of the income produced via xxx.raiseexamscores.com .
A)The rates are "Excluding Cloud fee/ Manpower /Support". The rates discussed will be for the specific category, additional charges will be applicable for Cloud fee/ Manpower /Support.