Code Submission:
A unique code submission feature that allows students and teachers to run a program for both practice purposes and grading purposes as well. Here students have been successfully working on programming courses where they are asked to write program codes in specific languages based on specific given conditions and then run. They are graded by our expert teachers and help is provided on the same. Students have the freedom to work with coding in different languages. Students can run their codes in an adaptive mode, in which students can click on run to see if their code passes the tests defined in the question. If not, students can resubmit the code.

Price optimization:
Price Optimization is designed with your time in mind. optimize your cloud costs like aws and azure and get the best out of your infrastructure, VSS helps technology organizations optimize their technology spend, increase the productivity of IT investments, without sacrificing key capabilities or lowering the quality of services, we track prices, automate repricing, and manage pricing strategies and also we provide variety of features to support your objectives. You get better visibility into active pricing you can take the price recommendations and update us.